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News | 15 Mar 2023

Agroecological practices may enhance food production by increasing ecosystem services

Worldwide agricultural intensification and the industrialisation of the horticultural farming sector, have accelerated the process of global change impacting ecosystem services (ES). The awareness of the impact of conventional industrial farming on ecosystems has led to increasing recognition of the need to transform the sector to a more sustainable system.

Agroecology is a holistic approach to changing the agrifood system, using ecological principles to create sustainable, resilient agroecosystems, conserving biodiversity and enhancing the supply of ecosystem services, while ensuring the viability of fair and sustainable locally-based food systems. Agroecology encompasses reduced tillage, elimination of chemical synthesised fertilisers and pesticides, and use of biodiversity-based solutions – to enhance food production through increasing soil fertility, pollination and natural pest control.

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