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Dataset | 1 January 2020

INCA - Crop Provision

This dataset is an output of KIP INCA.

The dataset presents the contribution of ecosystems to crop provision by multiplying the yield in tonne/ha with the ecosystem contribution ratio. This ratio is a number between 0 and 1 and expresses the contribution of natural ecosystem inputs to crop yield. (Human inputs including fossile fuels, labour and fertilisers are thus excluded from this dataset).

The rastermap shows the actual flow of crop provision as ecosystem service (EC_flow12_tonha_rescaled.tif). It is based on the CAPRI model data (after disentangling the ecosystem contribution for each crop type separately).

Given the differences between CAPRI data and EUROSTAT statistics on crops used in the accounting tables of the associated report the map has been readjuted by multiplying with a correction factor so as to make the value reported in the map consistent with the value reported in the accounting table of the associated report. Example: If CAPRI reports 20 tonne and Eurostat reports 18 tonne, then the correction factor is 18/20=0.9

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