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Dataset | 27 April 2021

KCMD estimates of net migration at high spatial resolution

Estimates of global five-year net migration and natural increase (from 1975 to 2015) at a spatial resolution of about 25 km.

The Natural Increase (birth minus deaths) is based on country level estimates of births and deaths from United Nations 2019 World Population Prospects.

The Net migration (immigration minus emigration) is obtained through an indirect estimation technique applied to Global Human Settlement Layer data and Natural Increase data.

Data used: Population data from the JRC Global Human Settlement Layer (GHSL) and demographic data from United Nations World Population Prospects.

How to cite: Alessandrini, A., Ghio, D., Migali, S., Estimating net migration at high spatial resolution, EUR 30261, Publications Office of European Union, Luxembourg, 2020, ISBN 978-92-76-19669-3 (online), 978-92-76-19670-9 (print), doi:10.2760/383386 (online),10.2760/28478(print), JRC121003

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