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Dataset | 04 Nov 2022

Air Passenger Traffic Scenarios during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

Data used:

Historical air traffic data, processed and provided by SABRE. Monthly air traffic information on the number of passengers and the average price per ticket, for every couple of airports around the world for which a direct or indirect connection exists. The latest available data point in time is October 2019, and starts on September 2010. The original routes data set consist of 1,056,097 entries, made of 6,335 origin airports and 6,407 destination airports among 241 countries in the world. Among these routes, a large amount have, historically, a maximal monthly volume of passengers (maxP) below 50 units in the period January 2010 - October 2019. We do not forecast or monitor these routes as their impact on the global aviation is very mild. After selecting the most frequent routes (defined as: those routes with maxP ≥ 50) we end up with 222,557 routes, concerning 3,909 origin airports and 3,897 destination airports and involving 234 countries. This selected routes amount to, e.g., about 98.7% of the volume of passengers in 2018 according to our data set.

How to access the data: The data can be downloaded through the KCMD Dynamic Data Hub.

How to cite:Stefano Maria Iacus, Fabrizio Natale, Carlos Santamaria, Spyridon Spyratos, Michele Vespe, Estimating and Projecting Air Passenger Traffic during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak and its Socio-Economic Impact, Safety Science, 2020,104791, ISSN 0925-7535,