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Dataset | 04 Nov 2022

Data for Integration of migrants (D4I)

The Data for Integration (D4I) dataset has been obtained through a spatial disaggregation of statistics of the 2011 Census, collected from National Statistical Institutes. The results of the spatial processing of the original data is a uniform grid showing the concentration of migrants in cells of 100 by 100 m in all cities of eight European countries (France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom).

The migrants are grouped at three different levels of aggregation: by specific country, continent, and EU versus third country origin.

A detailed description of the data is provided in the technical report available below ("High resolution map of migrants in the EU").

How to access the data: The dataset is open to all researchers upon request. More details on the landing page.

Explore the data in the KCMD Dynamic Data Hub:

Migrant Communities (D4I) by continent of origin