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Dataset | 27 April 2021

Health workforce migration

Non-expenditure health care data provide information on institutions providing health care in countries; on resources used and on output produced in the framework of health care provision.

The health workforce migration is a resource-related data refering to human resources. Data is classified by occupation (doctors or nurses) and education indicator

The following statistics are related to migration:

Table codeDescription
hlth_rs_wkmgHealth workforce migration

Health care non-expenditure data are mainly derived from administrative sources; and these sources may vary by country and by variable. For health care staff; countries may use a central register for medical professionals; business registers or other forms of data collection (including sample surveys). Please note that the data sources used may not have been created initially for statistical purposes; and that the initial purpose of a data source may differ across countries. Both facts may influence the validity and comparability of results.

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