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Dataset | 28 Oct 2022

Cohort Fertility and Education database

The Cohort Fertility and Education (CFE) database provides a free access to aggregate data on completed cohort fertility and parity distribution of women by level of education.

The data come from censuses and large-scale surveys conducted in the early 2000s in countries with generally high levels of education and relatively low fertility. As the database covers women and men past prime reproductive years who have completed or almost completed their family building; the data focus on people aged between 40 and 80; which corresponds to birth cohorts between the 1920s and 1960.

In addition; for some countries the collected data coming from earlier censuses we added; and thus encompassing women born in the late 19th century. There is a plan to also add data from censuses and surveys conducted in the 2010s.

When using the database; please cite the full name of the database (Cohort Fertility and Education database; CFE database) and refer to: Zeman; K.; Z. Brzozowska; T. Sobotka; E. Beaujouan; A. Matysiak. 2014. Cohort Fertility and Education database. Methods Protocol. Available at (accessed on [date]).