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Dataset | 28 Oct 2022

Trajectories and Origins survey

Survey on population diversity in France.

The TeO survey aims to identify the impact of origins on living conditions and social trajectories while taking account of other sociodemographic characteristics; i.e. social environment; neighbourhood; age; cohort; sex and educational level.

The questions of integration and discrimination are at the centre of public debate. But France still lacks national statistics to study these issues. The TeO survey is designed to supply data for this purpose.

TeO covers all populations living in metropolitan France (mainland and Corsica); their current living conditions and their trajectories. The survey focuses on populations whose life course may be adversely affected by factors linked to their physical appearance (immigrants; descendants of immigrants; persons from the French overseas territories and their descendants).

The TeO survey was conducted jointly by INED and INSEE. It was closely supervised by the official bodies which oversee the collection and use of public statistics (CNIS; CNIL). It guarantees scrupulous respect for respondents’ rights: all participants were surveyed on a voluntary and anonymous basis.

Data collection (from 22;000 respondents in metropolitan France) took place between September 2008 and February 2009. Initial results were published in early 2010.