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Dataset | 27 April 2021

ILO-UCW youth labour market indicators; youthSTATS

youthSTATS; a global database on youth labour market indicators produced by the ILO Work4Youth (W4Y) Project and Understanding Childrens' Work (UCW). The database includes a comprehensive set of labour market indicators on young people between the ages of 15 and 29 years in the developing world.

Users are able to browse and export a selection of 50 indicators grouped according to 12 themes to develop in-depth situational analyses of young people’s labour market situation. Wherever possible; indicators are available by sex; age group (15-17; 15-19; 20-24; 25-29 and aggregate age bands; 15-24 and 15-29); urban/rural residence and household income quintile.

The database is a WORK IN PROGRESS. This means; continually adding more countries and more years and even more indicators from an inventory of micro datasets. ILO will be expanding the platform to include entirely new datasets; including the ILO’s school-to-work transition surveys that will be underway in 28 countries over the next year. Likewise; ILO will link the platform to the existing UCW Country Statistics on the related issue of child labour as well as to youth labour market indicators from existing databases such as the ILO’s Key Indicators of the Labour Market.

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