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Dataset | 08 Nov 2022

Flow Monitoring in the Mediterranean and Western Balkans

IOM´s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) is a suite of tools and methodologies designed to track and analyze human mobility in different displacement contexts; in a continuous manner. In September 2015; DTM established a Flow Monitoring System to gather and disseminate information about the migrant populations moving through the Mediterranean; up the Western Balkans Route towards Western Europe.

The Flow Monitoring System includes regular statistical updates on migrant and refugee land and sea arrivals and routes towards Europe compiled in the reports (monthly; quarterly; annual) and interactive maps publicly available on the Flows to Europe Geoportal. The system also includes Flow Monitoring Surveys to capture additional information on the people on the move; including age; sex; areas of origin; levels of education; key transit points on the route; motives and intentions. Through the set of human trafficking and other exploitative practices indicator; the survey also gathers information about vulnerabilities experienced during the journey. Collected responses are summarized in the Flow Monitoring Analysis which serves as a source for in-depth understanding of the ongoing migration flows to Europe.