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Dataset | 27 April 2021

Population change - Demographic balance and crude rates at regional level (NUTS 3)

Following entering into force of the EU legislative acts on demography statistics; the demographic data at regional level are annually collected from 36 countries in the frame of the UNIDEMO that is the main demographic data collection of Eurostat in the domains of demography and migration. As the most extended annual Eurostat demographic data collection; UNIDEMO (acronym from Unified Demography) collects data on population stocks; vital events (live births and deaths); marriages; divorces and migration flows at national and regional levels by various breakdowns. The statistics corresponding to the reference year T shall be transmitted by countries to Eurostat by the deadline of 31 December of the calendar T+1; and will be disseminated during March of the calendar year T+2.

Demographic data at regional level include statistics on population stocks at the end on the calendar year and on vital events (live births and deaths) occurred along the year being territorially disaggregated by NUTS 2 and 3 levels; in accordance with the following EU legal acts:

  • Article 3 of the Regulation (EU) No 1260/2013 on European demographic statistics and its implementing measures stated in the Regulation (EU) No 205/2014;
  • Regulation (EU) 868/2014 which is the nomenclature of territorial units for statistics; abbreviated as NUTS. The current classification known as NUTS-2013 subdivides the territory of the European Union into 98 regions at NUTS level 1; 276 at NUTS level 2 and 1342 at NUTS level 3. The NUTS is the official division of the EU for regional statistics.
  • For Candidate and EFTA countries the data are collected according to the agreed statistical regions that have been coded in a way that resembles NUTS. The current Candidate Countries for which data at regional level are collected are Montenegro; The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; Albania and Turkey.

Demographic data breakdown collected at regional level according to the above EU legal acts vary according to the NUTS level.

The following statistics are available:

Table codeDescription
demo_r_gind3Population change - Demographic balance and crude rates at regional level (NUTS 3) 

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