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Dataset | 27 April 2021

Eurostat International Migration statistics: Emigration

This domain comprises series of long-term international emigration during the reference year. Data related to emigrants are disaggregated by age group; sex; citizenship or country of next usual residence. Since 2008 the emigration data by single age by country of birth are also available.

Emigration denotes the action by which a person; having previously been usually resident in the territory of a Member State; ceases to have his or her usual residence in that Member State for a period that is; or is expected to be; of at least 12 months.

Citizenship is defined as the particular legal bond between an individual and his/her State; acquired by birth or naturalization; whether by declaration; choice; marriage or other means according to national legislation.

Country of birth is defined as the country of residence (in its current borders; if the information is available) of the mother at the time of the birth or; in default; the country (in its current borders; if the information is available) in which the birth took place.

The starting years of emigration data vary depending on the breakdown: by age and sex - from 1990; by citizenship and by country of next usual residence - from 1998; and by country of birth from 2008.

Data until 2008 were collected on the basis of a gentleman's agreement. From 2008 onwards the annual migration data collection is under the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 862/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council on Community statistics on migration and international protection.

Table codeDescription
migr_emi1ctzEmigration by age group; sex and citizenship
migr_emi2Emigration by age and sex
migr_emi3nxtEmigration by age group; sex and country of next usual residence
migr_emi4ctbEmigration by age group; sex and country of birth

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