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Dataset | 30 November 2016

Emissions from Synthetic Fertilizers

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from synthetic fertilizers consist of nitrous oxide gas from synthetic nitrogen additions to managed soils.

Specifically, N2O is produced by microbial processes of nitrification and de-nitrification taking place on the addition site (direct emissions), and after volatilization/re-deposition and leaching processes (indirect emissions).

The FAOSTAT emissions database is computed following Tier 1 IPCC 2006 Guidelines for National GHG Inventories vol. 4, ch. 11 ( GHG emissions are provided as direct, indirect and total by country, regions and special groups, with global coverage, relative to the period 1961-present (with annual updates) and with projections for 2030 and 2050, expressed as Gg N2O and Gg CO2eq.

Implied emission factor for N2O and activity data (consumption) are also provided.

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