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Dataset | 6 September 2014

Livestock Processed Production

The dataset includes data on gross and net production indices for various food and agriculture aggregates expressed in both totals and per capita.

The dataset covers the following commodities: Butter and ghee, sheep milk; Butter of goat milk; Butter, buffalo milk; Butter, cow milk; Cheese of goat milk; Cheese, buffalo milk; Cheese, sheep milk; Cheese, skimmed cow milk; Cheese, whole cow milk; Cream fresh; Ghee, butteroil of cow milk; Ghee, of buffalo milk; Lard; Milk, dry buttermilk; Milk, skimmed condensed; Milk, skimmed cow; Milk, skimmed dried; Milk, skimmed evaporated; Milk, whole condensed; Milk, whole dried; Milk, whole evaporated; Silk raw; Tallow; Whey, condensed; Whey, dry; Yoghurt.

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