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Dataset | 30 November 2016

Emissions from Energy Use

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from direct energy use consist of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide gases associated with fuel burning and generation of electricity used in agriculture (including fisheries).

The FAOSTAT emissions database is computed following Tier 1 IPCC 2006 Guidelines for National GHG Inventories, vol. 2, ch. 2 and 3 (

GHG emissions are provided by country, regions and special groups, with global coverage, relative to the period 1970-present (with annual updates), expressed both as Gg CH4, Gg N2O, Gg CO2, Gg CO2eq and Gg CO2eq from both CH4 and N2O, by motor gasoline (gas-diesel oils, gasoline, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, residual fuel oil, hard coal, electricity, gas-diesel oils in fisheries, residual fuel oil in fisheries and energy for power irrigation) and by aggregates (total energy, transport fuel consumed in agriculture excluding fishery, energy consumed in fishery).

Implied emission factors for N2O, CH4 and CO2 as well activity data (consumption of gasoline's in agriculture) are also provided.