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Dataset | 6 September 2014

Consumer Price Indices


FAO published monthly CPI & Food CPI based on the ILO CPI data, with gaps filled by ESS Eco team/country websites series, until Dec.2014. In 2014, IMF-ILO-FAO agreed to transfer global CPI data compilation from ILO to IMF.

Upon this agreement, CPIs for all items and its sub components with new base year to 2010 originates from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), complementarily data are collected from UN Statistics Division (UNSD) for missing countries. However due to the delay of Food CPIs release by the IMF website, UNSD data are refered to for Food CPIs until the IMF releases Food CPIs with base=2010.

The FAO CPI dataset for all items (or general CPI) and the Food CPI, consists of a complete and consistent set of time series from January 2000 onwards, as well as regional, global food CPIs compiled by FAO using population weights to aggregate across countries. These indices measure the price change between the current and reference periods of the average basket of goods and services purchased by households. The general CPI is typically used to measure and monitor inflation, set monetary policy targets, index social benefits such as pensions and unemployment benefits, and to escalate thresholds and credits in the income tax systems and wages in public and private wage contracts.