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Dataset | 16 Sep 2016

Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators - Expenditure

ASTI’s national agricultural research expenditure data is categorized as salary-related expenses, operating and program costs, and capital investments by government, nonprofit, and higher education agencies. Data on spending by private entities are excluded, due to lack of availability.

Data are available by country from the following regions: Africa South of the Sahara, Asia and Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, West Asia and North Africa.

Data can be expressed for different intensity rations (i.e. as a share of agricultural GDPper 100,000 farmersper million population), in different units (million constant 2011 PPP dollars, million constant 2011 US dollars, million constant 2011 local currencies and million current local currencies).

Additional financial data, such as shares of spending by cost category and funding by source, are accessible under the individual country pages.