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COIN Open Day - Indigenous Employment Index - Minderoo Foundation, Generation One

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Date of event: Friday, September 10, 2021 - 09:30 to 12:30

Where: Online


Our research project will develop a Index/Scorecard of Indigenous employment highlighting the state of Indigenous employment, and employment practices, at Australia’s top 100 largest workplaces.
The Scorecard will be informed by several key indicators and produce a unique dataset. The indicators of employer activities will create the baseline data in this space with the goal to strengthen employer performance across all domains of the Scorecard.

Societal impact:

The research will seek to (a) quantify the numbers of Indigenous people employed by major employers, along with (b) information about the various programs and policies these employers have put in place, in an effort to increase Indigenous employment.
By bringing these two data sets together, we aim to build a clearer picture not only of efforts being taken, but also “what works” to build Indigenous employment.
The results of the Scorecard will also have wider implications such as informing recommendations for policy changes and other advocacy initiatives as directed by the results and Expert Advisory Panel. The research results and final report will be used in the following scenarios:

  • to empower large employers to efficiently improve Indigenous employment outcomes within their organisation and industry,
  • inform any future advocacy initiatives to the Government regarding closing the Indigenous employment gap,
  • to educate general industry and employers on the strategies to improve Indigenous employment.


Generation One intends to publish updates and new versions of the Scorecard in future years. 

Draft Framework:

Draft Framework