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Knowledge Centre on Cancer

We foster scientific and technical coordination of EU activities on cancer, while expanding the EU’s capacities and systems for prevention, early detection, treatment and care.


Initiatives by the European Parliament

Cancer-related EP initiatives.

  • The Weber (Master) Plan set out to join forces on EU action to fight cancer. On 18 September 2019, the Parliament held a specific debate on the Fight against Cancer, clearly committing to this important cause.
  • The #EUCanBeatCancer is a new campaign launched by European People's Party (EPP). It wishes to to promote cooperation between research centres in Europe, increase investment in cancer research and ensure the same quality of care to all EU citizens.
  • The new European Parliament Challenge Cancer Intergroup is the first and only EU Parliamentary Intergroup on cancer. With its 450-member cancer patient organisations across the EU, it will act as the intermediary between the EU Parliamentary Intergroup on Cancer and civil society at large.
  • The EP-ENVI Committee commissioned a report entitled Strengthening Europe in the fight against cancer.