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United Kingdom

AI Strategy 

In April 2018, the government of the United Kingdom (UK) published their national AI strategy entitled AI Sector Deal (United Kingdom, 2018). This strategy has been updated after one year in May 2019. A dedicated web portal developed by the Ministerial Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and the Ministerial Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport presents an update of the progress. These ministries have developed an Office for Artificial Intelligence in charge of coordinating the implementation efforts set out in the AI Sector Deal.

The objective of the AI Sector Deal is to prepare the economy and society for the transformations that AI brings along. It provides the foundations to foster UK’s global position as a leader in developing AI technologies. To this purposes, the strategy is focusing on improving UK’s position in the following 5 key areas:

  • Ideas - the world’s most innovative economy;
  • People - good jobs and greater earning power for all;
  • Infrastructure - a major upgrade to the UK’s infrastructure;
  • Business environment - the best place to start and grow a business;
  • Places - prosperous communities across the UK.

These 5 key areas boil down to the policy areas identified by the AI Policy Framework highlighted in Section 3 of this report: human capital, from the lab to the market, networking, regulation, and infrastructure.

The government has earmarked a budget of £0.95 billion for the implementation of the AI Sector Deal, which is supplemented with £1.7 billion stemming from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

United Kingdom AI Strategy Report