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AI Strategy

Slovakia is one of the Member States that includes its AI-related policies as part of a broader digitalisation strategy. In October 2019, the Slovakian government published an English version of the Action plan for the digital transformation of Slovakia for 2019-2022 (Slovakia, 2019a). The action plan offers a set of concrete steps on how to start building a sustainable and human centric, and trustworthy AI ecosystem. The action plan is based on a wider Strategy of the Digital Transformation of Slovakia 2030 (Slovakia, 2019b), setting out the long-term perspective of Slovakia for a successful digital transformation of the economy and society. While the strategy report provides a broader picture, the action plan is more detailed and includes concrete policy measures for the years 2019-2022.

The Slovakian Action Plan sets out a list of policy initiatives with a short-term time horizon that covers the following strategic areas:

  • Supporting digital transformation of schools and education to prepare for digital skills needed in the digital era;
  • Strengthening the basis for a digital and data economy;
  • Improving abilities of the public administration to innovate and use the data for the benefit of citizens;
  • Supporting the development of an AI ecosystem.

The Slovakian strategy does not disclose financial provisions or estimations for its implementation.

Slovakia AI Strategy Report


AI Landscape

The AI Landscape (2009 - 2018) Dashboard and AI Worldwide Ecosystem in 2009-2018 report provide an overview and analysis of the European AI landscape includingincluding:

  • research centres,
  • testing facilities,
  • data infrastructures,
  • firms,
  • start-ups and digital innovation hubs (DIH).

Explore the AI Landscape dashboard for your country to discover:

  • who are the key players,
  • in which technologies they specialise,
  • how they are distributed,
  • how they are connected to each other,
  • how innovation spreads through the network,
  • which technologies are consolidating.

Slovakia AI Landscape