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AI Strategy

In August 2019, the Ministry of Digitisation has published a draft of its national AI strategy, entitled Artificial Intelligence Development Policy in Poland for 2019-2027 (Poland, 2019). The policy draft has been released for public consultation, with the aim of gathering feedback and recommendations from relevant stakeholders. The public consultation lasted until September 9th. The collected feedback will be used to revise the actual draft. The current progress and milestones in developing the national AI strategy can be followed on a roadmap released by the Ministry of Digitisation. A Committee of the Council of Ministers for Digitalisation has been appointed to coordinate the implementation of the national AI strategy of Poland.

The objective of Poland’s strategy is to encourage the growth and innovation of the knowledge-based economy by supporting AI science and research developments and to prepare citizens for the digital transformation by improving their competences. Along the process of achieving these objectives it is important to account for the protection of human dignity and to ensure conditions for fair competition.

In particular, the Polish strategy is providing strategic guidance and policy initiatives to develop a holistic AI ecosystem with the aim of meeting the following objectives:

  • Reforming the educational system and providing lifelong learning opportunities in AI-related fields;
  • Encouraging growth and innovation of AI companies through dedicated support in AI research, including the provision of sufficient financial resources;
  • Increasing national and international partnerships in AI;
  • Creating a data ecosystem with trustworthy and high-quality data and increased data exchange mechanisms;
  • Reinforcing the digital infrastructure, regulatory framework and test environments to foster the development of AI innovations.

In terms of funding, the Polish strategy mentions that the total of national and international investments for AI innovations (including private funds of Venture Capital) allocated until 2023 amount at PLN 1.8 billion.

Poland AI Strategy Report


AI Landscape

The AI Landscape (2009 - 2018) Dashboard and AI Worldwide Ecosystem in 2009-2018 report provide an overview and analysis of the European AI landscape includingincluding:

  • research centres,
  • testing facilities,
  • data infrastructures,
  • firms,
  • start-ups and digital innovation hubs (DIH).

Explore the AI Landscape dashboard for your country to discover:

  • who are the key players,
  • in which technologies they specialise,
  • how they are distributed,
  • how they are connected to each other,
  • how innovation spreads through the network,
  • which technologies are consolidating.

Poland AI Landscape