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AI Strategy

In May 2019, the government of Luxembourg published its national AI strategy, entitled Artificial Intelligence: a strategic vision for Luxembourg (Luxembourg, 2019). The strategy is part of a broader policy program called Digital Luxembourg aiming at coordinating and strengthening Luxembourg’s efforts in the digital transformation towards the development of a solid digital society.

The strategy acts as a vision paper outlining the ambitions of Luxembourg in the field of artificial intelligence and presenting strategic policy recommendations in key areas to achieve them. The policy vision of Luxembourg’s strategy is to support the development of a human-centric AI based on an efficient and sustainable data-driven ecosystem. It aims at positioning Luxembourg as a leading digital society in the world. To achieve these objectives, the strategy advances a range of policy recommendations in the following key areas:

  • Enhancing the skills and competences in the field of AI and providing opportunities for lifelong learning;
  • Supporting research and development of AI, transforming Luxembourg in a living lab for applied AI;
  • Increasing public and private investments in AI and related technologies;
  • Fostering the adoption and use of AI in the public sector;
  • Strengthening opportunities for national and international networks and collaborations with strategic partners in AI;
  • Developing an ethical and regulatory framework, with particular attention for privacy regulation and security to ensure transparent and trustworthy AI development;
  • Unleashing the potential of the data economy, as a cornerstone of AI development.

The national AI strategy of Luxembourg does not disclose financial provisions or estimations for its implementation.

Luxembourg AI Strategy Report


AI Landscape

The AI Landscape (2009 - 2018) Dashboard and AI Worldwide Ecosystem in 2009-2018 report provide an overview and analysis of the European AI landscape includingincluding:

  • research centres,
  • testing facilities,
  • data infrastructures,
  • firms,
  • start-ups and digital innovation hubs (DIH).

Explore the AI Landscape dashboard for your country to discover:

  • who are the key players,
  • in which technologies they specialise,
  • how they are distributed,
  • how they are connected to each other,
  • how innovation spreads through the network,
  • which technologies are consolidating.

Luxembourg AI Landscape