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AI Strategy 

In August 2019, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development released a draft version of its National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence for public consultation (Italy, 2019a). At the same time, the Ministry also published a background paper, entitled Proposals for an Italian strategy for AI, providing initial guiding principles and policy recommendations as a basis for Italy’s AI strategy (Italy, 2019b). The public consultation closed on the 13th of September and a final draft is currently at hand with the high-level group that was commissioned to develop the AI strategy for Italy.

The policy report provides a long-term strategy for a sustainable development of AI. It presents key objectives to increase the development and competitiveness of AI in Italy:

  • Improving AI-related skills and competences at all education levels and creating lifelong learning and reskilling opportunities for the labour force;
  • Fostering AI research and innovation to enhance the competitiveness of the entrepreneurial ecosystem;
  • Establishing a regulatory and ethical framework to ensure a sustainable and trustworthy AI;
  • Supporting (international) networks and partnerships;
  • Developing a data infrastructure to fuel AI developments;
  • Improving public services through a wider adoption and use of AI applications.

As per funding, the Italian government earmarks €1 billion of public investments by 2025 for the strategy implementation. The high-level working group expects that the public investments will create a leverage effect on private investments of the same amount, resulting in a total investment volume of €2 billion.

Italy AI Strategy Report


AI Landscape

The AI Landscape (2009 - 2018) Dashboard and AI Worldwide Ecosystem in 2009-2018 report provide an overview and analysis of the European AI landscape includingincluding:

  • research centres,
  • testing facilities,
  • data infrastructures,
  • firms,
  • start-ups and digital innovation hubs (DIH).

Explore the AI Landscape dashboard for your country to discover:

  • who are the key players,
  • in which technologies they specialise,
  • how they are distributed,
  • how they are connected to each other,
  • how innovation spreads through the network,
  • which technologies are consolidating.

Italy AI Landscape