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AI Strategy

In order to position Belgium into the European landscape of AI, the AI4BELGIUM coalition (Belgium, 2019) launched a policy report in March 2019. This report has been prepared by a multidisciplinary team of forty experts stemming from various institutional backgrounds, including AI practitioners, academics and governmental representatives. The policy recommendations outlined in this report constitute a first step towards an ambitious and official Belgian AI Strategy.

In order to match the yearly investments per capita of France, Germany and Finland, the coalition recommends a minimum investment level of EUR 80 million per year which corresponds to at least €1 billion by 2030.

Belgium AI Strategy Report


AI Landscape

The AI Landscape (2009 - 2018) Dashboard and AI Worldwide Ecosystem in 2009-2018 report provide an overview and analysis of the European AI landscape includingincluding:

  • research centres,
  • testing facilities,
  • data infrastructures,
  • firms,
  • start-ups and digital innovation hubs (DIH).

Explore the AI Landscape dashboard for your country to discover:

  • who are the key players,
  • in which technologies they specialise,
  • how they are distributed,
  • how they are connected to each other,
  • how innovation spreads through the network,
  • which technologies are consolidating.

Belgium AI Landscape